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The Transdisciplinary Philosophy-of-Science Paradigm for Research on Individuals (TPS Paradigm)

At the core of my work is the development of the Transdisciplinary Philosophy-of-Science Paradigm for Research on Individuals (TPS Paradigm). The TPS Paradigm is a novel research paradigm grounded in various disciplines studying individuals or phenomena related to individuals, in particular psychology, biology, social sciences and philosophy of science but also metrology and physics.

Various concepts, approaches and methods of these fields are systematically integrated into coherent philosophical, metatheoretical and methodological frameworks, in which they are further developed and complemented by novel ones thereby creating unitary frameworks that transcend disciplinary boundaries.  

The current focus lies on the foundations of research on individuals and their individual-specificity ('personality') and on the foundations of measurement and quantification across the sciences. Their empirical application is demonstrated in projects with humans of different ages and sociocultural backgrounds as well as with several nonhuman primate species. 

1. Foundations and Frameworks
   Research on individuals    Research on individual-specificity - 'personality'

2. Empirical applications in humans and other species





















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